Especial Torta(lomo/ham) $6.25+tax   
Lomo Torta $6.00+tax
Turckey Ham Torta $5.75+tax
Ham Torta $5.25+tax
Add Toppings (Choose BETWEEN 0 AND 8)
* Mozzarella Cheese
* Mayonnaise
* Onion
* Jalapeño
* Chipotle Sauce
* Avocado
* Lettuce
* Tomatoes
* Mozzarella Cheese
Special Instructions
Add note (extra sauce, no onions etc.)


Beef Tamal (with red salsa) $2.55+tax
Pork Tamal (with red salsa) $2.25+tax
Chicken Tamal (with green salsa) $2.25+tax
Cheese/Jalapeño Tamal $2.25+tax

Cold Drinks

Smoothie $3.25+tax
Aguas Frescas $2.95+tax
Choice (Milk or Water)
Choice of Fruits (Choose between 1 and 2)
* Mango
* Banana
* Strawberry
* Pineapple

Hot Drinks

Champurrado (is a chocolate-based atole,) a warm and thick Mexican drink, prepared with either masa de maíz(lime-treated-corn dough), milk, cocoa.    $2.75+tax
Coffee (Mexican Bean) Mezcla #1 $1.25+tax